Tim for Development

Good results are achievable by the competent and well-equipped manpower. The right and continuous investments on the development is the key for the sustainability of organizations. Tim stands by you for the right investments to get positive results.

Tim, Your Next Generation Business Partner

Based on the mission ‘bringing value to our stakeholders’ on which we have never compromised and will never compromise, we aim to get digitalized in the performance of our training and consultancy services to provide higher added values by means of closel

Tim is the Best at what it Does

This praise that makes us proud has been deservedly earned thanks to our stakeholders to whom we have been providing services closely and intensively. And we make intensive efforts to sustain the position we have deservedly achieved.

Why Tim?

We asked our business partners why they chose Tim. Here is a summary of the answers we received:
- You do your job with love.
- Your contribution is valuable.
- You make a great effort to do the best with sincerity.
- It is a guarantee of quality for us to receive services from Tim.
- Your digitalization vision and products are valuable.


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Computer-Based Simulations

21st Summit of Trainers

Tim for Development

Our Areas of Consulting

For 20 years, we have been providing training programs in the fields of “Competence and Skill Development”, “Leadership”, “Finance”, “Sales and Marketing” and, consultancy services in the fields of “Management and Organization”, “Measurement-Assessment-Development”,  and “Financial Management”


Association of Talent Development